Our wholesale e-juice flavors!

Available in 50ml Shortfills, 10ml Aroma concentrates or in 60/12ml and 120/15ml S&V Aroma-Shots

Watermelon Melon

A refreshing blend of watermelon and melon right from the depths of the jungle

Jungle Hit Juice - Watermelon Melon Flavor 50ml
Jungle Hit Juice - Sweet Mango Eliquid 50ml flavor

Sweet Mango

Taste the juiciest mango, picked straight from the tallest TREE

Red Fruits

A refined and amazing mix of an explosive, juicy pomegranate and sweet berries

Jungle Hit Juice - Red Fruits Eliquid Flavor 50ml
Jungle Hit Juice - Berry Rush Eliquid Flavor 50ml bottle

Berry Rush

A powerful flow of sweet, fresh and tasty berries!

Lemon Squeezer

Sour lemon and lime cocktail, perfect to relax and enjoy the taste from the jungle

Jungle Hit Juice - Lemon Flavor 50ml Eliquid bottle for vapers
Jungle Hit Juice- Grapefruit Blackcurrant flavor 50ml eliquid bottle

Grapefruit Blackcurrant

Sour and refreshing mix of blackcurrant berries and grapefruit – a dream of every explorer

Grape Berries

The best mix to start an adventure – freshly picked grapes and a handful of forest berries

Jungle Hit Ejuice - Grape berries Flavor in 50ml Eliquid bottle
Jungle Hit Ejuice - Pineapple Juice blend flavor Eliquid in 50ml

Pineapple Juice

A magical tropical fruit blend with one exceptional note – fresh pineapple juice


Raspberry, blackberry and red currant. Isn’t that just the best berry mix?

Jungle Hit Ejuice - Mulberries Eliquid Flavor in 50ml bottle
Jungle Hit Ejuice -Sparkling lemonade in 50ml Eliquid bottle

Sparkling Lemonade

Let the fresh and sour bubbles give a unique experience to your tastebuds!

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